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KaLu Bookstore

KaLu Early Development Curriculum Manual $150.00
KaLu Early Development Curriculum Manual

289 pages: Early development manual. The first of four editions of the "KaLu Curriculum Manuals". 

KaLu Curriculum Manual $150.00
KaLu Curriculum Manual

410 pages: "KaLu Curriculum Manual" for Sash I level of instruction, at the KaLu Akademy.

The Ankh Akademy Vol. 1 $14.96
The Ankh Akademy Vol. 1

158 pages: Book 1 of a series of 7 books about a group of children who attend a special school that is preparing them to save the universe.

The Ankh Akademy Vol. 2 $15.20
The Ankh Akademy Vol. 2

Downloadable Ebook Only: The second book in the Ankh Akademy series about a group of children who are invited to a special school that is preparing them for an epic showdown with a very powerful and very evil woman.

Hedgehogville - The She Tribe $10.00
Hedgehogville - The She Tribe

32 pages: The introductory series of the Chronicles of Hedgehogville and the various tribes, rulers and conflicts. 

The Chronicles of the Human Race: The Human Race Papers $4.99
The Chronicles of the Human Race: The Human Race Papers

Downloadable Ebook Only: This book is a continuation of the energy that was began by The Human Race Bible. While The Human Race Bible was written as a plea to the world, The Chronicles of The Human Race is written as a solution to that initial plea. This book is to inspire the minds, hearts, spirits and hopefully the souls of the Human Race and to inspire action.

Learn Your Language $2.50
Learn Your Language

Downloadable Ebook Only: A beginning introductory book to learning the language of the ancient Egiptians (Egyptians).

Let Me Inspire You $5.51
Let Me Inspire You

Downloadable Ebook Only: A book written to inspire the mind, heart and soul of the Human Race.


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