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About Us

About The KaLu Akademy, LLC?


In October of 2000, the mother of Marvin Ellis, Karla Jefferson Ellis, made her transition from this plane. The entire month prior to that, Mrs. Ellis and her son sat discussing the issues concerning children, education, grooming, culture and particularly children of the African Diaspora. Mr. Ellis had been compiling information and gaining experience in the areas of education and wanted to do something to assist in changing the conditions that had become standard for Nubian (African) children globally. These discussions gave birth to the "KaLu Koncept".

The "KaLu Koncept" is based upon the need to groom and educate our children without the conditioning and indoctrination that standardized Western education promotes. Western education today is wrought with many issues that leave our children vulnerable to the evils of the world while at the same time stripping away the values, traditions and principles that African, true Egyptian and other authentic cultures have lived by for so long. This has in turn, created a generation of young beings whose pursuit of those very same evils has eroded the very fiber of the Nubian (African) family, community and tribe to a point where even the adults in some Nubian (African) communities fear the youth. This is what the "KaLu Koncept" was created to address and to repair.

The KaLu Akademy, LLC came into existence during the summers between the years 2002 and 2003 as a series of workshops aimed at assisting Nubian (African) children culturally in the Middle Georgia area. These workshops were simple concepts based on principals of learning ancient languages as well as familiarizing the youth with many cultural precepts found within the wisdom of great Black and Native writers and historians. Also, these programs helped to create resources so that our children could begin to have fun within the boundaries of their own culture without having to go to outside outlets.

In 2004, The KaLu Akademy, LLC became a chartered educational program for the children of Mr. Ellis and after moving back to his hometown of Chicago in 2005, The KaLu Akademy, LLC gained three more students. Because the cultural principals of the academy are so profound, a general template for a unique and new curriculum concept for Nubian children began to develop.

The KaLu Akademy, LLC relocated back to Georgia in 2007 and now physically resides in Macon, Georgia.


The KaLu Akademy, LLC has two basic parts and will be developing a third as the resources grow. The first stage is the KaLu Early Development Center which grooms our children between the ages of 3 and 7. The curriculum for this program is completely in an ancient Egiptian language, called Napatan, Meirotic or Nuwaupic, which gives the child a unique opportunity to learn and master basic cultural concepts as well as becoming aware of who they are before learning about the world around them. The second aspect of the academy is The KaLu Akademy, LLC which grooms children between the ages of 8 and 18. The third leg of this program will be a university level (KaLu University) which will focus on mastering specific principles needed to establish the foundation and groundwork for a culturally sound and prosperous global Nubian (African) community.

Established to promote cultural and spiritual awareness as well as efficient development in basic areas of math, science, reading, geography, The KaLu Akademy, LLC is poised to become a perpetual force in the development of a national and international tribal structure for Nubian (African) people. Bringing the academy online allows us to reach out to Nubian children globally. This helps to extend the "KaLu Family" concept and give access to our children who can’t physically attend The KaLu Akademy, LLC. The online academy will be structured similar to the physical location with a few minor adjustments.

Children will be able to watch live streaming video feeds while classes are being held at the academy as well as access pre-recorded course material and instructional videos to assist them in their development process. Subject materials will mainly be in the form of online tests and downloadable worksheets but some workbooks and textbooks will be necessary for the children to receive in the mail. Our online "Skarabs" will also assist in many of the academy’s "outreach programs" that help us to further our purpose and mission of creating resources and establishing physical locations for our children globally. A goal of the academy is to construct an official "campus" that houses the Early Development Center, The Akademy as well as The KaLu University. We also are striving to establish a "KaLu Village" concept that takes undeveloped land and through a structured educational, cultural, spiritual and developmental process, creates a self-sustaining village in many areas of Africa where this type of assistance is needed. For every child, a legacy…