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Since 2004, The KaLu Akademy, LLC has made many accomplishments. We are proud to have finished official second year of operation as a home school association. There are also the children and their development. Listed below are some of our many accomplishments since our establishment.



 The KaLu Akademy, LLC is established in 2004. 

* Other than the children of founder, Marvin Ellis, The KaLu Akademy welcomes three new students while in   Chicago, Illinois .

* The KaLu Akademy, LLC relocates back to Macon, Georgia. 

* Our first two Georgia students enroll. 

* The KaLu Akademy, LLC relocates to a residence in Bonaire, Georgia with adequate space to set up better facilities  for the children’s development. 

* The first Keepers of the Tones ceremony is held and two Skarabs, Alu Ellis and Taqee Muhammad are inducted after memorizing the first thirteen supplications from The Gold Book of Atum Re (a spiritual book of prayers and supplications) .

* Our first Children’s Day Presentation is held in Thomaston, Georgia and parents and community members gets their first glimpse of the KaLu Koncept. 

* By the end of our first official year in Georgia, our enrollment is at 18 students.

* At the beginning of our second year our enrollment jumps to 24 students. 

* We introduce some of our academy clubs and organizations and some Skarabs are inducted into our Nut’t Engleze Gasut (No English Club). 

* Family group ZED, composed of the family of the founders of The KaLu Akademy, LLC, finishes their first cd effort, which is completely done in our ancient language, Nuwaupic. 

* The KaLu Akademy, LLC & Early Development Center relocate to Warner Robins, Georgia.

* The KaLu Akademy puts on its first play sharing information that they have learned in the Ourstory course. 

* ZED Stability begins performing in and around the Atlanta area as ambassadors of re-establishing a language and cultural base back in the Nubian (African) communities. 

* The KaLu Akademy cuts its membership back, relocates to our current location in Macon and begins working on establishing a concrete curriculum. 

* The KaLu Akademy begins offering a Home Correspondence Program. 

* After basic promotion and word of mouth about the academy, Dr. Ellis is invited to lecture and participate in a tribute event in Little Rock, Arkansas where he discusses books he’s written and The KaLu Akademy.

* Dr. Ellis finishes his first Curriculum Manual for Early Development.

* Dr. Ellis is invited to set up his curriculum in Memphis, Tennessee. 

* Dr. Ellis finishes the Sash I Curriculum Manual.