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Community Impact


Community Impact

The general impact of an educational facility such as The KaLu Akademy, LLC lies in the example that will be set by the children who are being groomed in this type of a setting. The community can rest assured that children within a KaLu setting will be well mannered, respectful, studious, intelligent and concerned about their environment. This is also one of our goals as we work towards establishing the global KaLu Curriculum. On one of our field trips to an area museum (Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins) the tour guide commented on the discipline and intelligence of our children. Her statement was, "…in all the six years of my doing tours at this museum, this is by far the most well-mannered and intelligent group of children that I’ve ever come across…" 

This says a lot about the potential a program such as The KaLu Akademy can have in a day and time when it is rare to see a child with "good manners" especially in Nubian communities. The focus of the curriculum at The KaLu Akademy, LLC will lead the child to become a "Supreme Being" on Earth rather than just an educated African adult. This is significant when most of the venues in Western society are not for the true success of the African and Native American. A Supreme Being is better prepared to deal with any and all obstacles that face them in an ever changing world. The community impact will vary depending on the locations of the academy satellites. Things that will be noted will be:


 Increased agreeable behavior in children attending the academy as well as a positive effect on children in the general community area.

 More community programs based on cultural awareness. 

 Social programs geared to bring all youth in the area access to cultural resources for their development .

 Programs to promote respect and honor for our elders as well as our community leaders.

 A resurgence of  community comfort and unity as our children are groomed to represent not just individual families but the entire community.

 Business awareness and a spark in entrepreneurialism within the youth and the community as a whole.

 Decrease in youth violence, crime and other disagreeable attributes within the community.