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Dr. Marvin Ellis


Dr. Marvin A. Ellis
Founder/Administrator/Lead Educator/Curriculum Development

Dr. Ellis has been in the educational arena for over fifteen years. Starting out as a tutor in an Islaamic community, Dr. Ellis (also known as Dr. Karaam) taught Arabic and tutored children in basic educational subjects (math, science and reading).

An honors graduate from high school, Dr. Ellis majored in English, Computer Technology and Architectural Drafting.

Foregoing a four year scholarship to study Architecture, Dr. Ellis instead pursued a spiritual path and received a doctorate in the Comparative Study of Religions from The Holy Tabernacle Ministries under the tutelage of Dr. Malachi Z. York. Traveling to various cities and lecturing at prestigious universities (University of Cincinnati, Chicago State University, Clark Atlanta University, Morehouse Interdenominational Theological Seminary, Spelman, Georgia State College & University, Tuskegee Institute, Alabama State, etc.)

Dr. Ellis built up an impressive resume in the areas of Human awareness, social behavior and the issues of education for Nubian children. The author of over ten books dealing with Human inspiration, social issues, children and language, Dr. Ellis sought experience within the educational structure that presented so many questions to him. After working in daycare, elementary school, home school programs and high schools, Dr. Ellis realized that in order for a solution to truly be attained to “save” our youth, a new type of educational structure would be needed. After the passing of his mother in October of 2000, Dr. Ellis began to put the pieces together that would one day give birth to The KaLu Akademy, LLC.

Dr. Ellis is also the founder of The Center For Human Spirituality, a fully encompassing program designed to promote spiritual growth amongst humans globally. In 2007, Dr. Ellis and his family recorded a musical cd completely in his native language, Nuwaupic/Napatan/Meroitic, in order to assist in creating an environment where this 25,000 year old language can live and come alive again. His group, known as ZED Stability, has performed in and around the Atlanta, Georgia area and is currently working on a new cd.
www.lulu.com/karaam  www.mineyourmind.com  www.soundcloud.com/zedstability.